Ruby Star Airpark

Visiting pilots are welcome at Ruby Star Airpark!

Ruby Star Airpark welcomes visitors! If you are a licensed pilot and wish to use our completely rebuilt, two inch thick asphalt runway and parking facilities, you are welcome at Ruby Star. Equestrians are equally welcome at Ruby Star and several of our homeowners enjoy aviation and horseback riding. Surrounded by thousands of acres of STATE LAND open space, horseback riding takes on an entirely new meaning at Ruby Star Airpark. Several of our homeowners are also “car nuts” who need lots of space and a large garage to build & store their classic cars.

The Ruby Star Property Owner’s Association has identified the following categories of visitors:

 1) Guests of Ruby Star Airpark: Stay for up to two weeks with no landing or parking fees! Please take advantage of our current guest-friendly policy. Law abiding, insured guests are more than welcome. Please try to provide 48 hours notice of your arrival.

 2) Non-Member Hangar Renters – Welcome, Renters! When renting a hangar or tie-down space from a property owner or the Property Owner’s Association, you may need to apply for a “License Agreement for Runway Use”  (click here to download the agreement) releasing the Association from liability, and provide proof of insurance naming the Association as an additional insured.

A small fee of $400 per year or $40 per month may apply. Contact the owner of your hangar or tie-down space for details.

If more clarification is needed, please contact any member of the board for more details.